When blogging is scary

I have to admit that I’m struggling with my perfectionism when creating this blog. I promised myself that I would have at least two solid posts with some proper academic research published before I started promoting the blog. Which I still believe makes sense.

However I start doubting if I ever get those two posts finalized. The truth is I feel that my stories are never really good enough. I’m afraid of not being taken serious meanwhile it also feels scary to put my own life, my thoughts and my feeling at display but deep down inside I want to. I hope that the sustainability journey I have embarked with my family will inspire one, two or even hundreds of other families to become more conscious of the impact of their daily choices – their lifestyle – have on our planet. Read more about us and why I blog.

A good example of one of my never-good-enough posts is a post about the true cost of cut flowers. I’ve been working on the post several times during the past month and it was supposed to have been published before Valentines Day this year. I just haven’t pinned it yet. Damn perfectionism!! Maybe I’ll make it before Valentines Day 2018.

I guess it is a quite common challenges for all new bloggers. Hey! I just called myself a blogger. I guess that is what I am with all the upsides and downsides to the profession.

Going forward I’ll try to be a little less scared. Actually I’ll correct myself I’ll try to face my fear of failure more head-on. I acknowledge that the things that scare us are the things that are important to us which is why I came to think of an old postcard (in the picture above).

I bought it some years ago and I had it next to my computer at work until I quit working late 2016. I had the exact same thoughts when I worked as a Innovation manager within the FMCG industry. Going into steering committee meetings I never felt prepared enough. I always felt behind. I  could pinpoint the 10 things I should have done differently instead of the 100 I did right. Guess how I felt? Correct! Not great.

To remind me that there is no such thing as perfect I’ll find a place in my home for the postcard. Sometimes you get it right. Sometimes you get it wrong but no one gets it 100 percent 100 percent of the time. The important thing is to keep trying.

Btw the postcard is made by Stine Aamose who is one of my favorite graphic designers. I bougth it at a design market called Finders Keepers in Denmark.

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